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Note: I would like to deeply apoligize for goinf MIA for the past week! ;_; I am horribly ashamed of myself but school as been particularly crazy for me as I am in the last week of rotation for nursing. I shall be posting up a belated birthday post up for Tora tomorrow as well! I have posted 7 pics today because I wanted to make up for depriving you of the Tora goodness! I hope you enjoy!

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Something that makes you feel the most joyous.

Tora: There aren't many moments where I feel glad, but perhaps it would be the times when my throat is really dry and I can drink cold juice, or when I'm hungry and I can eat a meal. Drinking a sports drink after exercising is extreme happiness. For food, it's when I eat curry. I've been eating it for a long time, but I feel like the curry my mother makes at home is the best. As a musician, the feeling of joy after completing the album was extremely great. As it's an album it was a long battle, but there was also a great deal of deep emotions being able to do something like that. The most joyous thing in being in a band is when you've made a CD and when your lives were a success.

(credit goes to aliceinrainbows)
Source: Arena37c, vol. 287